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Credit card in European countries

For a trip to China, for example, you will need to issue a new credit card of a certain format (China UnionPay), and if you plan to visit several countries and are not sure what cards are accepted there, check with your Bank before you travel. Don't forget that often a credit card helps you save money, but you need to be smart about spending and shopping ccshopru. For example:

- withdraw money from the card as rarely as possible (i.e. in large amounts), so that you pay a one-time Commis-sion less often

- use all bonus or auction programs offered by the Bank

- take mainly foreign currency credit card shopcvv for trips abroad

All banks have their own characteristics, which you must learn about before traveling. For example, Sberbank pro-vides owners of GOLD cards with the service of issuing cash in an emergency for free (i.e. without Commission), while other banks charge up to 3 thousand rubles for this.